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Would I be interested in becoming a Knight?


Let’s examine what the St. Frances de Chantal Council does

As shown above, our council encompasses many of the events you might be doing now or would like to be involved in:



     We are a support organization for the parish. St. Frances is the primary parish that we serve.  When asked we donate funds to the church.  We made a donation to defer the cost of the new advent wreath.  We erect the outdoor nativity scene for Christmas and dismantle it afterwards.  We are asked to be ushers on Sundays and at special liturgies.  When the church asks for help, we are there.


     Charity is the first of the guiding principles of the Knights of Columbus.  We are involved with many such as Birthright, AMT Children of Hope / Baby Safe Haven.  The director of Children of Hope is a member of our council.  We raise funds to support our seminarians.  


     We march in the 4th of July and Memorial Day Parades.  We support the Challenger Little League for Children with Disabilities.  We have a picnic for Senior Citizens. 


     We provide a hot dog lunch for the children and volunteers at the end of each Vacation Bible School session.  We provide meals for the Youth Ministry retreat weekend in March.  We support and give awards for Scouting.  We hold a “Keep Christ in Christmas” drawing contest for children.  We hold family events such as our Christmas Party and St. Patrick's Party where families are welcome.  We also have the Squires, our youth group.


The other two guiding principles of the Knights of Columbus are “Unity” and “Fraternity”.  We are strong when we are together as one, so, to be strong we have to get together.  Besides the family events mentioned before.  We hold other events:

  • Knight at the Races
  • Bunko Nights

There is also the Golf Club and the Bowling League.

We have designated our meeting on the 4th Monday of the month as a Social Meeting.  We intend on have a brief business meeting and then a social activity.  We are also considering starting or restarting:

·     Shuffleboard League

·     Dart League


          If there is an interest, we are willing to try it.




Who are your Knights of Columbus?


We are Catholic gentlemen who you see every day in the parish and the community:

How do I join?
     If you are a Catholic gentleman in good standing with the Church and at least 18 years old you can become a Knight.  Send an Email to with your name and phone number, and someone from the Council will get back to you as soon as possible or leave a message on the Council answering machine at 516-826-7492.
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     For additional information about the Knights of Columbus Organization click on the link below:
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