From the Chaplain

June 2014


Dear Brother Knights,


During most of the year at Sunday Mass we hear the phrase “The “blank” Sunday in Ordinary Time. Did you ever wonder what that means to us? What does this “Ordinary” mean? The phrase Ordinary Time comes from defining the weeks in ordinal numbers i.e. Third Sunday, Fourth Sunday, fifth Sunday etc. That is the Church’s definition of the term. We are more accustomed, however, to the common usage of the word ordinary to mean mundane, everyday. Although this common definition is not the meaning of the titles for this season of the Church year, when we hear the phrase “ordinary time” it should cause us to reflect.


Is there anything ordinary in our life with Christ?


Christ in our lives is an extraordinary fact. We are his witnesses in the world and we are members of his mystical body. When we serve others as Knights we serve Christ’s brothers and sisters. When we recognize Christ in those we might not hold dearly we have a more profound understanding of God’s love for each of us. God’s unconditional acts of love are extraordinary – there is nothing ordinary about that.


Does poverty, hunger, loss of a loved one, distress, addiction, ever take a vacation? To many those sadness’ are their ordinary day. We, as Knights, can change ordinary to extraordinary by simple acts of selfless kindness, love, support and service.


Ordinary, I don’t think so. There is nothing ordinary about God’s presence in us. Additionally there is nothing ordinary in our everyday witness to Jesus’ love.


May the rest of your summer be extra ordinarily ordinary.


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dc. Bob O’Donovan,



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